About this website

EnginesDatabase is website to help Game Developers search the right tool for the job, learn about new technologies, or discover new and fun Game Engines to use and get inspired by.

About me

EnginesDatabase was made by Henrique Lacreta Alves (check my website and my itch.io page!). I'm a Game Developer, and I've been "collecting" game engines since (around) 2017 because I got interested in the options out there. Most of the engines are from GitHub, game development news and the GameFromScratch channel. This website format was inspired by the amazing gameuidatabase.com (but it's not affiliated in any way!).

I believe games should be developed by anyone that wants to create a game, and Game Engines should be fun to use, and purposeful on what you can create with them. Finishing a game is hard, but having fun while making a game should be easy to everyone.

If you have any suggestions or feedback, feel free to ping me at henriquelalves@gmail.com.