Welder Engine
Official Link: https://github.com/WelderFoundation/WelderEngineRevamp
Source code link: https://github.com/WelderFoundation/WelderEngineRevamp
Description: A cross platform game engine that can be used to make simulations of any kind, ranging from simple prototypes to professional 2D and 3D games, simple physics or graphics demonstrations to robust, realistic simulations.
Size: Small (<200mb)
Source License: Open Source
Price Model: Completely Free
Last Release Version: 0.0.25
Last Release Date: Nov. 13, 2019
Development Platforms: Windows Mac Linux Web
Publishing Platforms: Windows Mac Linux Web
Programming Languages: C++ C
Genres: Supports creating 2D games 2D Supports creating 3D games 3D Can be used to create multiple genres of games Agnostic
Features: Has its own script language Own Script Language Engine targets game development education Education The engine features an WYSIWYG Editor Editor
Entry Last Updated: Oct. 11, 2023
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